4 totally unjustifiable misconceptions about stay-at-home mums

1. Your job is easy

Pffft. Easy yeah? But I have heard this is in conversations, and it’s usually men or women without children who hold such opinions. These people generally don’t know any better. They have zero experience when it comes to life with small children and if they do, then quite frankly they’re just an ***hole. If you think looking after constantly growing children who all have more energy than you on ten cans of redbull is easy, then you’re on drugs. (In which case , you should not be looking after children). You have to be alert at all times and have to have literal eyes in the back of your head. Yes you do.

2. You’re a layabout who can’t cope with the world of work

Okay… At work you can happily finish a cup of tea or coffee. I’m pretty confident that I have not been able to finish one single hot drink this year. Tell you what , I’m no Derren Brown but I can guarantee that no stay at home mum will have either. Ever. If you can’t even finish a hot beverage the chance that you can ‘lie about’ will be very slim too. Someone asked me not so long ago “what do you do all day, watch Jeremy Kyle”. Yeah, sure a bit of Jezza might be on in the background but sure as hell I won’t be able to stick around to see the results of the DNA test.

3. You’re a lady of leisure who can afford not to work

Oh I would love to be a lady of leisure; I could ‘lunch’, wear white jeans and Zara clothes that aren’t seconds. I’d love to get my nails done but it’s a miracle I manage my make up in the mornings, frankly. Most real women don’t have nannies and help so everything falls to them.

Another thing- you have to afford to go to work. Yes my friend. Work is a privelege. As a quick reality check, childcare is £1300 per month or at least £820.00 for three days a week. If you have that to spare, then great. You can work and earn money. If your earnings just about or don’t cover the cost then it doesn’t pay to work. There is some government help but it is sparse and not always worked out in the best way. This is why I’m at home.

4. You’re too stupid to work

I think we can all say we are underpaid to do whatever job we are currently doing. We all know that brains doesn’t always equate with money. Teachers , nurses, support workers and other jobs that we can definitely agree require skill and brain power are all low salary. It’s a cut throat world. If your job doesn’t pay, regardless of your intelligence then it makes no sense to work. I for one would love to do some work but the price of childcare isn’t worth it.

The bottom line:

If you’re a stay at home mum then just know you’re doing a great job. You are smart and have had to make sacrifices for your family. You are spending quality time with your child.

Much love


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