I WISH I’d been told!

A straightforward no BS list of all the weird things your baby does that no one tells you about. When my daughter was born I was told exactly what to expect by the health visitors , loved ones and strangers. There were however things that I wish I’d been told about yet people seemed completely hush about them. Here is a list of some of the things that made me raise an eyebrow or Indeed a few goosebumps!

1. Fake coughing – it’s a thing!

From about 4 months my baby starting making a weird coughing sound. It didn’t sound chesty- so if your baby has a cold or has a chesty cough get that checked out asap. It sounded like a tickly cough which became more and more extravagant conveniently when my daughter thought she wasn’t getting enough attention. The ‘cough’ has got more elaborate over the months and I have heard from more and more mums that their babas are doing the same.

2. Baby gasp

I remember at six months rushing my daughter to the surgery because she was making a weird gasping sound. Google told me it was going to have something to do with her respiratory functions so I panicked and thought the worst. On getting her checked out, the doctor could see nothing wrong at all. I noticed a pattern and that this gasp only seemed to happen when my baby was excited. So yes, some babies gasp when they’re excited!

3. Newborn rashes

I mean this isn’t something that your baby does but most newborns have. You will find that within weeks of being born your baby will develop many weird and wonderful rashes, and trust me- you will never realise so many rashes existed. This includes but not limited to: heat rash, prickly heat, drool rash, sensitivity rashes , rash rashes etc. You will become a master of minor rashes. My daughter was born in summer so the one I experienced the most was heat rash. This can also occur when you overdress your baby. Having said this, if you’re concerned get it checked out!

4. Newborn sleep-breathing

The wacky world of newborn sleep breathing- it will raise your blood pressure and have you on Google all night but it is very common. Apparently most babies in their sleep go from breathing rapidly and heavily to lightly in a very short space of time. It sounds very alarming but most of the time isn’t.

5. Head shaking

This one is still a mystery to me. At first it was cute and then it got kind of creepy when my daughter wouldn’t stop shaking her head like something out of that terrible film Legion. At ten months she still does it but mainly to imitate us when we say no. There’s all this stupid stuff online claiming that it’s a sign of this, that and the other but it’s all a load of rubbish. Babies do it to learn.

There are so many more things that babies do that are weird but if I listed them all I would have written a Bible. Also I’m not a doctor so if you’re concerned go to the doctor’s! Even if it’s nothing at least you’ll be reassured.

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