When Tantrums Are Amazing.

Being mum to a baby can be hard. An Endless cycle of feeds and nappy changes, teething, and colic are just a few of the problems you will face as a new Mama…Not to mention an even bigger cycle of sleepless nights. But new Mama, consider this your warning:


I hate to burst your baby bubble, but as soon as your ‘little bundle’ of joys gain enough strength in their legs and build the right muscle in their mouths to talk, they will piss off and leave you. Running and all.. If you’re not especially careful, they might even run their mouths off with it too. I never knew backchat was an Early Years phenomenon until I had a two year old who could tell me where to sling my hook when I’d tell ber not to put her Daddy’s boxers on her baby brother. Bizarre right?

Now you know being a mum to a toddler in many ways is HARDER. Yes, they still look cute in their little boutique outfits and at times they can be pretty darn sweet. But take heed, you have to take small mercies somewhere. When they aren’t having the times of their lives using your sofa as a bouncy castle, they will be screaming their heads off. Tantrums are truly the worst. They are enough to make the calmest of parents lose their cool, and believe me they all do. You will definitely lose your composure, you will most likely lose the will to live too and it’s no fun and games when you’re in the middle of the toddler warzone. But the reason behind the attack is rarely because of a death of a king or an infringement of policy at a treaty somewhere. Your toddler is likely to launch into full meltdown mode over the most ridiculous of reasons.

You can take light in the fact that it is almost never serious. Sometimes these reasons are hilarious. Here are a list of priceless reasons why my toddler has almost sent me over the edge with her treacherous tantrums;

  • She didn’t want the grapes to be in ‘that’ bowl
  • Because I told the colour that she had been calling green was actually blue
  • because Cbeebies comes to an end everyday
  • Because Iggle Piggle falls over before he gets back on board his night time boat
  • Because she wanted to wear her Bing top to our wedding
  • Because she wanted to take her castle tent into the car with us
  • Because I was looking at her
  • Because I forgot to blend my foundation properly and my eyebrows were a bit foundationy
  • Because she wanted me to wear her foam crown to my zoom work call
  • Because her baby brother started rolling onto his front and she though that he was
  • ‘broken’
  • Because her Daddy was snoring and Daddy was ‘broken’
  • Because Alexa didn’t play the song that she asked it to play
  • Because I told her to take her build-a-bear out of the baby bath seat so I could put her brother in the bath
  • Because I wouldn’t put the potty on our bed
  • Because I didn’t do the ‘right voice’ for a character in ‘The Gruffalo’ while I was reading
  • Because I didn’t do the right action for a nursery rhyme song

The list can go on. I’m sure if I left this to be published tomorrow, I would end up with a thousand other suggestions to go on the list.

In short, the baby years are short and having a toddler can be very taxing. It can be exhausting and extremely disheartening when they refuse to wear anything other than the chocolate-stained Elsa dress that they’ve already worn for the past two weeks… but don’t let it fly away too quickly. They are only young for so long until….

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