5 Reasons why Pregnancy doesn’t have to suck

I am by far no seasoned mother but I am not a stranger to the weird and wacky world of pregnancy. Until the complicated birth, my last pregnancy was pretty much perfect. Sure, I had some mood swings here and there, but I felt like a pregnancy goddess. I glowed hard. This time however, is a complete other story: my immune system has the strength of a pea and I feel like a drowned rat. It’s not all doom and gloom though- it’s easy to forget there will be a baby at the end of it!

1. There’s a baby at the end of it

Believe it or not, there will be a baby screaming at the end of that very long and dark tunnel. It is that baby that is the very reason why most of us get pregnant in the first place. Others might just enjoy the blanket warmth of the extra weight in the winter time.

2. You will have a sixth sense

Whether it’s your new found disgust at your favourite nandos dish, or the ability to smell better than your force’s local dog unit, your senses will go into overdrive. SOMETIMES, it’s because your body is trying to tell you something. I’ll give you two examples:

1. I have completely gone off meat… And I am no vegan. While I am still mourning over my favourite dishes, I realise that it’s my body’s way of telling me that these foods are probably not very good for me and carry alot of harmful bacteria.

2. I smell cigarettes everywhere- on clothing and upholstery. A few weeks ago I started sniffing at my clothes wondering why they smell of smoke. As I quit over 4 years ago now, I couldn’t understand this at all. After a bit of detective work, I worked out that our old housemates used to smoke in their room (now our room).

3 Becky with the good hair

Did someone say Becky? Well I meant you. The chances are that you might be feeling rubbish but hey, at least your hair looks good right? Pregnancy can make your hair look FABULOUS. It might feel somewhat inappropriate given how you feel, but just enjoy it while it lasts!

4 No filter alert

I guess this is also a bad thing, but pregnancy tends to delete your filter. This can be troublesome, especially in certain social or professional situations. But the truth is, there’s not much you can do. Obviously this doesn’t mean you can act like a total twat, but people will be more forgiving of your lip service slip ups. A word of caution: you might forget your outbursts, but other people won’t.

5 you have a free excuse pass out of exercise

I’ve decided to continue with exercise this time, but last time I did nothing. In fact, I went from being a serial gym user to being a serious slob. But seriously, no one will dare tell you to hit the gym when you’re expecting. So relax now, and worry about it later.

Photo by lucas mendes from Pexels

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