Toddlers and Tribulations

Nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be so hard

—– Coldplay

And indeed no one ever said this would be so hard. Well, they did. Just not this early on.

A few months ago it was all smiles with few tears. Maybe those tears would become more flamboyant around nap time but nothing too dramatic. But here I stand today in the local Children’s Centre, testament as to how much things can change real quick. My cheap boohoo dress is all in a twist from little hands and my hair too is in a knot to avoid those little hands. But the biggest laugh are the huge black bags under my eyes. Our weekly trash couldn’t do them justice. I am exhausted, and culprit is my 14 month old daughter who thinks she’s two.

She is screaming because she took a play fork off of another child and then I retrieved it from her. What’s worse is that rather than applauding my efforts, everyone is staring at me and the mother of the child who my daughter has stolen from has given it back to my daughter. No. What ever happened to teaching your children not to snatch? Has that now been added to the ever-growing list of things that are deemed unacceptable today? (like changing nappies without consent).

What got me more was how much people stare when your mini toddler kicks off. But you can’t win. They tantrum and they’re all looking, try to console them and they still look. We’re all in the same rocky boat called parenting after all.

Today I saw a mother who lost her temper with her two year old (or so) because she was trying to tantrum in the middle of the road. She wasn’t being abusive but people still turned their heads to get a whiff of the business. I could hear the worry in this woman’s voice. She was clearly exasperated and had every right to be cross as you can’t pussy-foot around road safety with small children. We seem to live in an age however whereby slightly raising your voice warrants parenting concerns.

Smacking is child abuse. Verbally abusing your children is, well- the clue is in the name guys. Appropriately raising your voice and disciplining your child is unavoidable if you want your child to be a functioning member of society. So that’s my rant over.

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