Confronting the Elephant 🐘

When you’re constantly reminded that there’s a mum-sized rabbit hole in your size , how do you NOT fall down the depression trap door.

Almost a year ago now, I was lucky enough to come out of the hospital an elated new mum. Despite what seemed to be a constant threat of Post Natal Depression from the doctor’s, I was fortunate that it just didn’t happen for me.

Like many mums, I started maternity leave with something to go back to… But I ended up never checking out and found myself in a maternity leave hotel California. Staying at home can be so rewarding but it can also take it’s toll on you mentally. For example, I have become obsessed with fake flowers. It started out with a single fake rose from IKEA in a gin bottle. Then it became full on wedding-style bouquets in gin bottles. I’m definitely giving off some bunny boiler vibes. But at least it’s pretty.

What’s not pretty however is falling down the trap of starting to feel like a failure if you don’t do certain things. Everyone everywhere feels like this to some degree but because you’re at home everything is amplified. My thing is cleaning- if the flat isn’t clean and tidy by the end of the day then you’ve got yourself one bad moody bunny. Most of the time its just a bit of agg. But sometimes its more than just an end of the day write – off.

It’s hard to accept sometimes that some things just WON’T get done. The washing will sometimes stay in the machine for a week. The keys will be thrown in the fridge, the baby food emptied into your bag. Some days it’s so easy to see what’s not being done that you simply can’t see what IS being done. Some days you will want to cry for a solid hour and then the next day your abs will hurt from laughing.

Embrace the chaos. I always think there’s something suspicious about having a spotless house with a little person (unless you have a cleaner of course). There’s nothing wrong with a bit of madness!.

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