Breaking the silence

Well hello again.

I’m now breaking the silence after the sudden pause from my daily blogging. As a stay at home mum I found it hard to keep up with the demands of daily blogging with an INCREDIBLY active little one slowly (but now more quickly) destroying the flat around me.

Having this blog-free time has made me realise how demanding doing ALL the childcare is as I actually managed to forget about my blog entirely for these few weeks.

To add to all the usual business my now 11-month old ‘bundle’ started walking for real last week and it ha given me one hell of a reality check. The crawling had recently been taken up a notch to what I can only describe as a sped up version of Samara coming out of your television screen: Jolty, bloody fast and you might as well just give up because you’re f****d. Next thing, as if it all wasn’t hilarious enough that I clearly wasn’t ready for any of these baby modes of transport, the walking happened.

Now not only can I just not manage to finish a single cup of coffee, the mug will be tipped over onto the floor if I’m not quick enough. Amidst all the complaining, the walking is super cute but my life has been thrown up in their air yet again.

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