How to save £££ when you have a baby

A guide to scrimping when you have a little one

Anyone who knows me will know that I’ve been desperate to write this post for a long long time. Nothing makes me happier than a good bargain. (I’m aware this is quite sad). It doesn’t take a genius to know that babies are like a black hole warped into your wallet. I heard someone say that on average people spend about £5,000 on their first baby. This is unsurprising and I’m ashamed to say I have probably spent over this, despite being a student at the time my daughter was born. Anyway…

1. Don’t be a nappy queen

Don’t be a nappy snob. You will end up seriously out of pocket. It took me to get to baby nappy size 3 to realise that the prices were hiked up but the amount of nappies were slowly dropping off. The truth is most superstore brands are exactly the same as Pampers but ten times cheaper and sometimes a better fit. Ontop of this, buy jumbo packs. All brands have these and they will save you running back and forth.

2. Bulk buy your wipes

But don’t bulk buy your nappies. Your baby could end up having a big growth spurt and Bob’s your uncle- you’re left with 200 ill- fitting nappies. Most superstores like Morrisons have boxes with ten packs of wipes- make sure you’re not a wipe snob too. You can have your water wipes but you won’t have your cake.

3. Hand-me-downs & bundles

I’m sure you will get plenty of baby clothes as gifts but you might need to fill a couple of gaps. Make sure you have plenty on hand for blips. if you’re going to buy cute little outfits for your baba buy them in a bigger size so that bab can wear them for a longer and so they’re less likely to be covered in crap. I recommend going on eBay and buying bundles of clothes. Parents all over the UK and indeed the world are selling these and at a reasonable price. Seconds are your way forward, don’t be a snob.

4. Nursing clothes

I think you know what I’m going to say. Seconds. Again, go on eBay, depop or what have you and look for bundles or even just single nursing tops that women are selling everywhere. There is no point in splashing out on these as even if you breastfeed for a while, usually nursing clothes are 2in1 with maternity. Within months you will end up with a big heap of material where your stomach is. Not a great look. If you do want to invest in some proper gear, maybe look for some nursing Camis. These are more useful.

5. Toys

What I’ve come to realise is that my daughter doesn’t treat any of her toys differently to the TV remote or coffee coasters. If I give her any banal object she’ll be happy- I know it sounds sad. What I’m trying to say is that babies do not need expensive toys. It’s great to have some good toys but you don’t need to splash out. My mum and I have been going to charity shops and bought some really good, barely used toys. Especially the wooden ones. As long as you wipe them clean with an anti-bacterial wipe then you’re good.

I’m sure what you’ve taken from this post is that I love seconds, I do. As long as they’re clean and in good condition then I don’t see why you wouldn’t. It’s about saving money on things that you don’t need to splash out on. That way, you can have your money for some nice things and for you which is very important. I hope you find this helpful.


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