Why I unfollowed Cardi B

I wasn’t ever a huge fan of Cardi B’s music , but like most of us I hit the follow button to stay relevant and stop myself from becoming a complete grandma. Her posts were more often than not outlandish, funny and a little brazen. There was nothing wrong with it but it was just bad timing.

My daughter was around two months old when Cardi B announced the birth of her daughter Kulture. Within a month of her daughter being born I remembered seeing picture after picture on the gram of a stick thin Cardi promoting some weight loss shake no doubt containing nothing but kale and a snowflake of salt. I’d seen enough.

Before I was pregnant I’d suffered with a distorted body image and eating disorders on and off since being a teen. I had amazing support from people around me but I just couldn’t see what they were saying at the time. When I found out I was pregnant I was ecstatic but also terrified by the prospect of gaining weight. It’s not that I’ve wanted to be thin for some fashion statement, it was just a major fear of what would happen if I became bigger. It had no bearing on the way I saw other people and I wished for more than anything to be any size and be at least content.

By some miracle however, being pregnant and having my daughter pushed me to accept myself for the bigger size that I was, and I was the happiest I’ve ever been. It felt like I’d broken some sort of spell. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to lose some baby weight but I didn’t want to be a stick like a Cardi. So I hit unfollow. I thought that she, and others like Kylie Jenner were promoting an unhealthy message to all new mums.

There is nothing healthy about losing all your baby weight (and some more) within one month. There is also nothing sexy about excessive dieting and exercise. You will have tunnel vision, your relationships will deteriorate and you will feel unsexy and like a shell of yourself. Your hair will start to fall out and you might even find yourself in hospital. Whether you are expecting, are a new mum or just a regular, down to earth women buying into all this popular culture then just stop for a second and think about what you’re buying into. Sorry for the rant but this message is important.

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